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Files Secured - No Download

NTE.AI employs advanced security measures to prevent unauthorized downloads of files. Documents are securely stored within the system, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected and cannot be downloaded or copied without proper authorization.

Audit Trail & Tracking

NTE.AI maintains a detailed audit trail, recording every action performed within the system. Administrators can track user activities, document modifications, and access history. This comprehensive audit trail enhances accountability, enabling organizations to monitor user behavior and ensure compliance with security policies.


NTE.AI incorporates antivirus scanning functionality to detect and eliminate malware or malicious files. All uploaded documents undergo thorough antivirus checks, safeguarding the system and its users from potential security threats.

Features to start

File Access Restrictions

Administrators can define specific access restrictions within NTE.AI. Access permissions are granular, allowing organizations to restrict document access to authorized users or specific user groups. These restrictions ensure that sensitive documents are only accessible to individuals with the appropriate clearance, enhancing data confidentiality.

Encrypted Files​

NTE.AI encrypts files both during transmission and while at rest. This end-to-end encryption ensures that documents are secure during data transfer and when stored in the system. Even if intercepted, the encrypted data remains unreadable and protected from unauthorized access.​

Digital Signature​

NTE.AI supports digital signatures, allowing users to sign documents electronically. Digital signatures provide authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation, ensuring the document's origin and content integrity. This feature is particularly crucial for legal and sensitive documents, guaranteeing their authenticity and preventing tampering.​


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