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Sharing with in team

Safely share documents, images, and other files with your team members. Our encryption ensures your sensitive data remains confidential, giving you peace of mind when sharing important files. Upload documents of any size and format, allowing team members to access,No more email attachments or USB drives—collaboration happens in real time.


Sharing to Supplier

Gone are the days of lengthy email exchanges and delayed document transfers. Our platform allows you to share important files, contracts, and specifications with your suppliers instantly. Whether it's product details, purchase orders, or quality standards, sharing documents has never been this swift and hassle-free.


Sharing to Customer

Share important documents, proposals, invoices, and product catalogs with your customers effortlessly. Our intuitive interface allows you to upload and share files seamlessly, ensuring that your clients have access to the information they need, precisely when they need it. No more delays, no more confusion—just smooth, efficient document sharing.


Receiving document

No more waiting anxiously for crucial documents. Our platform instantly notifies you when a new document is received. Whether it's a contract, proposal, or a vital report, you'll be alerted promptly, ensuring you can take immediate action and stay ahead of your responsibilities.


Team files Access

Not all team members need access to every file. Our platform offers customizable access permissions. Admins can control who can view, edit, and share specific files. Tailor access rights based on roles and responsibilities,

Start sharing, collaborating, and achieving more together today!

With our advanced Document Management Software, sharing files and collaborating with your team has never been easier. Experience seamless communication and enhance productivity through our robust sharing features.

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AI & performance

Lightning-Fast Document Management, Find the Documents You Need, Instantly.



Seamless Communication, Secure Collaboration: Transform the Way You Share Documents!

Quick Access

Get the documents you need, when you need them, with just a few clicks.


Your documents are protected, so you can focus on your business.


Streamline Your Workflow, Amplify Your Productivity Your Documents, Your Rules!

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